UCREW Subcommittee Description


The UCREW subcommittee holds content-rich programs at Florida International University and University of Miami to foster interest in commercial real estate and related fields as career choices, particularly for women. Rotating chairs liaise with CREW Network prior to each event and report afterward, collaborate with university staff to determine venues, dates, schedules, and content. Tasks delegated to committee members include determining content and recruiting CREW-Miami members as presenters. Chairs coordinate all presenters and handle event content and logistics.
Timeline: Begin preparation and recruitment in November for mid-January presentation at FIU (December/early January – confirm and prepare CREW participants). Begin preparation and recruitment of participants in June/August for October presentation at University of Miami; September – confirm and prepare recruits for UM presentation.
Time commitment: Event preparation (meetings and phone calls) shared by three committee members. For event participants—a single evening (about four hours).