CREW Miami Adds 37 Members Despite Current Market Conditions

Organization appeals to commercial real estate professionals seeking to stay active during market slowdown.

MIAMI, FL – May 5, 2009 – The Miami chapter of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW‐Miami) announced today that it accepted 37 new members through the one-year period ending April 30, 2009. This rapid growth sends a clear signal that professionals are prioritizing networking and industry involvement in the midst of a global recession that has shocked the commercial real estate sector, sending property prices plunging by more than 21.2% in the past year.*

“It’s no secret that the recession, credit freeze, and corresponding job losses have hurt the commercial real estate industry” said Danet Linares, president of CREW‐Miami and executive vice president of Blanca Commercial Real Estate. “But there is a silver lining in that, like the economy, the real estate market is cyclical and will rebound. Staying connected is the best way to prepare for the return of deal flow.”

Linares added that a down market is an ideal time to take advantage of alternative outlets for industry involvement, such as industry seminars and panel discussions, professional networking events, and even participation on organizational committees. Similar to many professional organizations, CREW‐Miami offers members opportunities for networking and building relationships.

Earlier this year, CREW‐Miami launched an awareness and education campaign called “Back to Basics” to encourage professionals to revisit the basic tenets of business success to prime for growth once economic prosperity and deal flow return. The organization is also advocating for members to engage one another and find creative solutions for weathering the current climate. “Back to Basics” initiatives include the addition of business-oriented events and educational programs that offer timely information and analysis by experts from various sectors of commercial real estate, as well as providing members with professional development tools.

“The ‘Back to Basics’ campaign is helping members ‘prime the pump’ for growth once business activity returns to normal levels, said Suzanne Amaducci‐Adams, president‐elect of CREW‐Miami and partner at Bilzin Sumberg. “Staying active and visible today is the key to ensuring success tomorrow. The fact is, you never know where your next deal will come from; your neighbor at a lunch table this year may be on the other side of a deal next year.”

To learn more about CREW Miami, including membership information and details about upcoming events, visit the organization’s website at, or call (305) 938‐0775.

* Reported in Moody’s Red‐Yellow‐Green study published April 20, 2009.

About CREW‐Miami
The mission of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) is to advance the success of women in commercial real estate by achieving parity in opportunity, influence and power. CREW members represent all disciplines of commercial real estate – every type of expert required to “do the deal.” Members comprise more than 7,000 female and male commercial real estate professionals in more than 60 markets across North America. CREW‐Miami, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, consists of more than 150 members. For further information, visit or call (305) 938‐0775.

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