Communications is charged with keeping the membership informed of CREW activities and events, member news, and benefits primarily on the local level, and on the national level as appropriate. This is accomplished through weekly eblasts to members and sponsors, and through bimonthly updating of the website. Chair drafts monthly reports to the board, copy-edits materials generated by other committees, supplies “cut-and-paste” information from Programs and other sources to the director and the administrator for weekly eblasts, collects and transmits changes to the website administrator, and serves as liaison between PR firm and CREW for media coverage and social media. Committee members draft new-member profiles, and take photographs at events and meetings. The committee consists of the director, a chair and 3 to 5 active members.

Timeline: Following January organizational meetings, members’ activities are ongoing for 12 months.
Time commitment: One hour a week; more at year-end when website requires substantial updates.


consists of 4 subcommittees which organize these annual events:

Fishing Tournament

The Fishing subcommittee organizes a deep sea fishing tournament in May to offer members and guests a great day on the water, followed by an outdoor networking event and awards presentation. Tasks include securing participating sponsors, boats, and crews; organizing weigh-ins, ordering trophies and goodie bags, and arranging the cocktail party. Tournament revenues support the chapter and provide scholarships for real estate majors in our community.

Timeline: The committee meets from January through May.
Time commitment: Responsibilities are often shared by two co-chairs.

Cocktails, Community & Connections (Fall Fundraiser)

The goal of this event is to raise funds that CREW Miami awards to The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade through grants, and to support CREW Miami’s other community programs. A chair or co-chairs work with a core support group of 6 to 12 members. The chair identifies strategic committee members and together they plan, schedule, organize, and execute an evening networking/fundraising event usually held in the fall. The committee determines the date, location, and theme. Tasks include setting attendance and fundraising goals, obtaining silent auction items, and arranging for invitations, catering, music, decorations, and parking. Committee also produces an accounting of revenues and expenses.

Timeline: First organizational meeting – January.
Time commitment: Attend approximately six meetings and attend the event. Additional time and expertise may be requested for specific areas such as fundraising, logistics, and in-kind support.


The UCREW subcommittee holds content-rich programs at Florida International University and University of Miami to foster interest in commercial real estate and related fields as career choices, particularly for women. Rotating chairs liaise with CREW Network prior to each event and report afterward, collaborate with university staff to determine venues, dates, schedules, and content. Tasks delegated to committee members include determining content and recruiting CREW Miami members as presenters. Chairs coordinate all presenters and handle event content and logistics.

Timeline: Begin preparation and recruitment in November for mid-January presentation at FIU (December/early January – confirm and prepare CREW participants). Begin preparation and recruitment of participants in June/August for October presentation at University of Miami; September – confirm and prepare recruits for UM presentation.

Time commitment: Event preparation (meetings and phone calls) shared by three committee members. For event participants—a single evening (about four hours).

CREW Careers

The committee is most active in the beginning of each year. Members meet in person or via email. Each committee member can elect to present his or her specialty (commercial broker, interior designer, or construction lawyer, etc.) to a group of high school students The committee chooses a school to work with, then establishes the 6-to-8-week curriculum with a different topic each week. CREW members often create fun activities so the girls feel accountable and sessions are interactive. The final session is usually a field trip to a local venue where students can see first-hand what they were taught. The committee’s intent is to share CREW members’ knowledge of all facets of the commercial real estate industry with high school girls looking for career direction.

Timeline: Preparation begins in winter semester (January), with the committee choosing the school they will work with. They develop the curriculum and designate committee member(s) who will be present each week at each session. CREW Miami speakers typically provide refreshments for the students at their own expense. Final session (field trip) is organized by the committee leader and the school’s liaison, with the school typically handling bus service between the school and the venue.

Time commitment: Can vary from making phone calls to serving as a speaker or simply participating in the field trip.


The Membership Committee is responsible for retention and recruitment of CREW Miami members. Activities include identifying liaisons to develop new member relationships, designating Hospitality committee members to host tables at luncheons, and organizing a fall membership drive/renewal campaign. The Membership chair sets goals for recruitment and retention, oversees the application review committee which makes recommendations to the board, the recruitment committee, and the membership/renewal campaign subcommittee. The Hospitality chair organizes committee members to host tables at luncheons and to serve liaisons for new members, to ensure a high-touch experience for each new member.

The Recruitment Committee strategically reaches out to prospective CREW Miami members in order to increase membership in underrepresented professional categories, including, but not limited to, C-Suite industry professionals, brokers, and developers. The committee, along with its chair, are responsible for researching underrepresented categories and inviting prospective members to attend CREW Miami events. The chair organizes and tracks the progress of each prospect. The chair provides this list to the Membership & Hospitality Committee Director for presentation to the board. The board reviews the list and may offer suggestions for additional prospects to be contacted.

Time commitment:
Membership: Application Review Committee – Two hours a month to review and prepare report.
Fall Membership Drive – Three to four hours a month from Sept. through Dec.
Hospitality: Host Committee – Once a month, arrive early at luncheon to welcome attendees and serve as table host.
Liaison – Schedule one lunch or coffee per month with a new member.
Recruitment – Approximately 2 hours/month to research and contact new prospects.
Renewal Committee – Contact members to secure renewals from January to the end of February.


The Programs committee is charged with creating strong educational and informative programs for the monthly luncheon meetings. Speakers and panels cover a wide range of topics relevant to commercial real estate that raise CREW Miami’s profile and benefit members and the community at large. Duties include developing program ideas, inviting and securing speakers, obtaining their bios and photos, and insuring that speakers understand program topics and parameters, and coordinating AV and set-up with Administrator. Committee members collaborate with other committees to ensure overall meeting success, and issue thank you notes to speakers. Chair oversees all programs but assigns a committee member to coordinate a specific month’s program.

Timeline: Committee meets monthly throughout the year, in person and/or via conference call.
Time commitment: Approximately one hour a week.


The Sponsorship committee’s goal is to generate exposure for members and others through fundraising. The committee chair and all board members are responsible for promoting events. The chair makes monthly committee reports to the board, in coordination with the chapter’s administrator, who documents income and expenses related to monthly luncheons and signature events, invoices sponsors, and collects funds. Chair provides sponsors’ logos and contact information to the administrator and the Communications committee, tracks vendor sponsorship payments, and ensures appropriate visibility on the CREW Miami website and at meetings and signature events. Chair also interfaces with Programs to identify sponsors who best fit specific programs and events.

Time commitment: Approximately 1 hour/month to prepare reports and updates.